I've got the flu.: I've got a temperature. I feel stiff all over. I keep feeling hot and then cold., I've got an allergy.: I can't stop sneezing. My throat swells up. I get a terrible rash., I broke my leg.: I had it in plaster for six weeks. I had to use crutches. I was off work for a while., I'm suffering from stress.: i. I've been having trouble sleeping. I fainted. I get panic attacks., I suffer from asthma.: I get really short of breath. I have to use an inhaler. It's made worse by smoke and fumes., I suffer from eczema: My skins cracks and gets really itchy. I can't stop scratching it. It's stress related., I've got an upset stomach: I've got diarrhoea. I feel really rough. I threw up three times last night., I was in an accident.: I suffered cuts and bruises. I had to have twelve stitches. I got a big bump on my head.,

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