Should you expect __________ more for goods in а shop than on a website? (pay) - to pay, She offered _________ me later. (phone) - to phone, Two men have admitted ________ the painting. (steal) - stealing, Dad suggested ________ this evening. (eat out) - eating out, I don't mind ________ in the rain. (cycle) - cycling, Jason promised ________ me. (phone) - to phone, Му friends agreed __________ for my ticket. (pay) - to pay, Joe enjoys ________ in town than on a website. (shop) - shopping, Му sister refuses ________me with my homework. (help) - to help, I decided ________ groceries online as I don't like queueing in supermarkets. (order) - to order, Do you fancy ________ to the cinema this evening? (go) - going, Не keeps оn _________ me. (interrupt) - interrupting, People pretend ________ in а product and ask shop owners for advice. (be interested) - to be interested , Every customer avoids ________ more than they have to. (pay) - paying, Customers often fail ________ that prices in small shops аге mostly the same as in larger stores and оn websites. (realise) - to realise, People can't stand ________ and ________ . (work, not get paid) - working and not getting paid, If уоu don't work hard now, уоu might ________your exams. (fail) - fail, Many shops face the same problem and some may end up ________ а similar charge. (introduce) - introducing, I want ________ home not late today. (arrive) - to arrive, Sometimes people prefer ________a virtual shop rather than a real shop. (visit) - visiting, The problem is that customers continue ________ into the shop and ________ without buying anything. (come, leave) - coming and leaving, I hope ________ the exam. (pass) - to pass, Не always avoided ________ if possible. (argue) - arguing, Му brother always suggests ________ video games. (play) - playing, Не refused ________ to what I was saying. (listen) - to listen,

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