What’s your PE class at school like, and how do you like it?, Where and how did you celebrate New year this time?, What’s your secret wish or at least hopes and expectations for the coming year?, Where and how did you celebrate your birthday this year?, What presents did you get for your birthday and which of them did you like most?, How do you plan to share photos from the party, if at all?, What do you think are the most horrible natural disasters?, Which of them are typical of the place where you live?, What can people do to protect themselves from natural disasters?, Where would you like to live, if you could choose?, Why do you think so many people move to big cities?, Is it easy for young people in Russia to change where they live, why or why not?, What kinds of books do you like reading?, What would you call the most interesting period in Russian history and why?, If there were a time machine, what country and what era would you like to visit?, Where do you usually buy food?, What’s the most expensive and the cheapest thing to eat in Russia?, What do you prefer – to eat in or to eat out, and why?, What professions are the most prestigious in Russia?, What kinds of money-making jobs in Russia do not require a university degree?, Do you want to go to college, why or why not?.



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