1) I ___ in my bed and ___ TV when I ___ a strange noise. a) was lying, was watching, was hearing b) was lying, was watching, heard c) laid, watched, heard 2) I _____ home, _____ my hands and _____ working. a) had returned, washed, started b) was returning, washed, started c) returned, washed, started 3) After I ___ my work the garden, I ____ to go for a walk. a) had finished, decided b) finished, had decided c) finished, decided 4) He couldn't find his wallet. He realised that he ____ it. a) lost b) was losing c) had lost 5) Michael Jackson _____ a lot of records. a) made b) had made c) was making 6) John _____ dinner when Ann ____. a) cooked, had come b) cooked, came c) was cooking, came 7) She ____ a letter while she ____ on the phone. a) was typing, was talking b) typed, talked c) had typed, talked 8) Alexander Fleming _____ penicillin in 1928. a) had discovered b) was discovering c) discovered 9) When I _____ the clean floor I understood that she _________ . a) had seen, washed b) saw, washed c) saw, had washed 10) He was angry because he _____ with his daughter. a) had argued b) argued c) was arguing 11) I _______ my breakfast when I ______ the news that Elvis Preasley _______. a) ate, heard, died b) was eating, heard, had died c) was eating, had heard, died 12) He ______ me that he ________ the answer. a) told, found b) had told, found c) told, had found 13) I _______ that I _______ my keys at work. a) remembered, left b) remembered, had left c) had remembered, left 14) Max _______ out almost every day last year, but now he can't afford it. a) was eating b) ate c) had eaten d) used to eat 15) It wasn't raining when I looked out of the window; the sun was shining. But it ________ earlier. That's why the ground was wet. a) had rained b) rained c) had been raining d) was raining 16) When I was young, I _________ that people over forty were very old. Now that I am forty myself I don't think so. a) had thought b) was thinking c) used to think d) thought 17) I looked everywhere for my car keys and then I remembered that my son ______ the car to work. a) had taken b) was taking c) took d) had been taking 18) Tom ______ breakfast this morning because he didn't have any time a) wasn't eating b) hadn't been eating c) hadn't eaten d) didn't eat 19) He was not interested in the book because he ______ it. a) hadn't understood b) didn't understand c) hadn't been understanding d) wasn't understanding 20) When Amy came back, she looked very red from the sun. She ______ in the sun too long. a) lay b) was lying c) had been lying d) had lain

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