1) ... you leave now, you'll be late for work. a) if b) unless 2) ... I'm not busy in the afternoon, i'll call you. a) unless b) if 3) ... you book your tickets in advance, you won't get to see the concert. a) unless b) if 4) ... I wake up early on Saturday, I'll go shopping. a) if b) unless 5) ... you water the flowers regularly, they won't grow. a) if b) unless 6) ... doesn't rain tomorrow, we will go on a picnic. a) if b) unless 7) ... he studies hard, he won't pass the exams. a) if b) unless 8) ... it rains in the afternoon, I will stay in and do some painting. a) if b) unless 9) Don't run ... you see a dog! a) when b) unless 10) ... I miss the bus, I'm late for school. a) unless b) when 11) You can take any table ... it is reserved. a) if b) unless 12) They won't come to the party ... you invite them. a) if b) unless

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