1) Why do people become vegetarians? 2) What do you do to keep fit? 3) What food do you try to avoid? 4) What kind of sports competitions are usually held at your school? 5) What sports do you like? Why? 6) What do you do in your PE lessons? 7) What indoor sports are most popular with teenagers in your country? 8) Why do teenagers often do extreme sports? 9) What kind of sport is your favourite? Why? 10) How often do you miss school because of health problems? 11) How can you entertain yourself when you are ill and have to stay indoors? 12) What do you do to stay healthy? 13) What sports facilities can you use in your school? 14) Does the career of a professional sportsperson attract you, why or why not? 15) Would you like to go in for sports professionally, and why?

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