When we (to leave) home, the rain already ( to stop)., He (to sit) in his room with two letters before him, one that he just (to write) to Michael, and one that he (to receive) from him., Not a word (to be spoken) till they (to be) out in the lane, and (to walk) four or five yards, when Ann, who (to look) straight before her all the while, (to turn) again to walk back., I (to ask) to tell me the way to the British Museum, and I (to explain) that I (to look) for it for the last two hours., The bell (to stop) ringing and they (to guess) that Betty (to go away)., He (to think) he (to stay) in the water for a long time., She (to realize) that she (not to hear) her laugh like that since before her illness., All her anger (to go), the last traces of hysteria (to disappear). Her mind (to be) clear as it (not to be) clear in many weeks., The doctor (to examine) Jane's throat. "Nothing wrong there". He (to attend) her before and it always (to be) the same, whenever he (to come) into the room, his easy manner (to give) her comfort., Suddenly when he (to work) six months his wife (to fall) ill and (to write) asking him to come., Robert (to talk) to some of the other guests when Nick (to come) in., Michael (to look) constantly at his watch., All night long the stars (to glitter)., I (to see) Irene yesterday at the Stores: she and Mr Smith (to have) a nice little chat., She (to try) to open her bag as she (to walk) along the corridor, talking..

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