I am so happy. I ______ all the exams. (already / pass), He was upset yesterday. He _______ the exam. (not / pass), The grass was yellow because it ______ all summer. (not / rain), Our taxi ______ by 9 o’clock yesterday morning. (arrive), Let’s go. The guests _______ (already/come), Sam _______ his keys. So he can’t open the door. (lose), When I woke up in the morning, the rain ________ (already/stop)., The girls were good friends. They _______ each other for 5 years. (know), My friend and I are good friends. We ________ each other for ten years. (know), Look at this concert hall! They ________ it recently. (build), They ______ most of the cathedrals before others came to their land. (build), Where is Mary? - Mary _________ the office. (just/leave), By the time the bell rang, everyone ___________(already/leave), My aunt is ill. She __________ in hospital since Monday. (be), I didn't introduce Katie and Ann to each other, they _______ before. (already/meet), I am going to the library to return this book. I ________ it already. (read), When I came back home, I understood that I ________ my keys at work. (leave), I __________ this place since last time I was there. (not/visit), They ______ never_______ to this restaurant. Let's invite them to this place! (be), Before my trip to Paris two years ago, I ___________ to France . (never/be), You look tired. Where ______ you _______ ? (be), You looked happy yesterday. What ____________? (happen), By 7 o`clock yesterday I _________ my homework. (do), Are you busy? - Yes, I ___________ my homework yet. (not/do), It`s the first time I __________ in London. (be), It was the third time I __________ dinner in this restaurant. (have), Bill said that he ___________ shopping. (already/do), He had a headache because he _______ computer games for a long time. (play), I wonder where Sam is? I __________ him for a long time. (not/see), It was the first time he _______in a helicopter. (fly).



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