1) What time do you have lunch? 2) Can you drive? Can you ride a motorbike? 3) Who is your favourite actor? 4) How are you? 5) What do you do? 6) How old is your best friend? 7) Where do you live? 8) What time do you get up? 9) Do you like chocolate? 10) Would you like some ice-cream? 11) What does a builder do? 12) Is there a zoo in your city? 13) What time do you usually finish work? 14) Do you wear glasses? 15) What time is it? 16) How often do you eat fast food? 17) Do you have any pets? 18) Can I have some money to buy a book? 19) Where's the supermarket? 20) Where do you buy your clothes? 21) What time do you go to bed? 22) When do you do housework? 23) What day is it today? 24) Do you like going to the theatre? 25) Do you read any newspapers? 26) What are your favourite clothes? 27) Do you like your city? 28) Are there any good restaurants in the city? 29) What do you do on Sunday evening?



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