1) My mum often ... dinner. a) cook b) cooks c) is cooking 2) Today we ... . a) am meeting b) are meeting c) meet 3) Bill’s sister ... her homework at the moment. a) do b) does c) ‘s doing 4) Mary ... early every day. a) get up b) is getting up c) gets up 5) They ... tennis sometimes. a) play b) plays c) are playing 6) My friend and I never ... TV. a) watches b) watch c) are watching 7) ... he ... in his bedroom now? a) Does ... sleep b) Are ... sleeping c) Is ... sleeping 8) They ... ... any drinks at parties. a) don’t have b) doesn’t have c) aren’t having 9) My dad usually ... to the radio. a) listen b) listens c) is listening 10) He ... books three times a week. a) reads b) is reading c) read 11) She ... shopping every week. a) goes b) go c) is going 12) I ... an English lesson now. a) have b) has c) am having 13) We ... the teeth twice a day. a) brush b) are brushing c) brushes

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