happy - when you are believed, sad - when you lose someone you love, scared - when someone hurts your body, angry - when someone does not believe you, worried - when you are nervous about the outcome, excited - its your birthday today, hopeful - when you want to be invited to a party, frustrated - when you can't do something easily, jealous - when you want what someone else has, proud - when you feel good about who you are, disgusted - when something makes you gag, restless - when you can't sit still, defiant - when you refuse to do something, anxious - worried about what might happen, silly - when you make a funny face, determined - when you really want to do something, love - when you like someone a lot, disappointed - when something doesn't happen the way you want, annoyed - when someone is aggravating you, calm - when you feel peaceful, guilty - when you do something wrong, kind - when you do something for someone else, bored - when you can't find anything to do, salty - when you are upset about something,

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