1) Do you know the man _____ lives the next door? a) who b) which c) where 2) ___ it usually rain here in the summer? a) is b) do c) does 3) Mary couldn't pay for the dinner ______ her wallet was at home. a) but b) because c) although 4) When I came home he _______ dinner. a) cooking b) 's cooking c) was cooking 5) In the photo children ______ with a teddy bear a) are playing b) playing c) play 6) They are playing well today. They ________ . a) win b) 're winning c) 're going to win 7) Which word is different? a) bag drop b) baggage reclaim c) campsite d) security check 8) Which word is different? a) crowded b) cloudy c) foggy d) windy 9) Which word is different? a) sweater b) belt c) skirt d) cardigan 10) Which word is different? a) arrivals b) gate c) terminal d) arrive 11) Which word is different? a) campsite b) apartment c) station d) hotel 12) Which word is different? a) comfortable b) luxurious c) basic d) helpful 13) Which word has a different sound? a) walked b) asked c) rented d) booked 14) Yesterday, when we _____ dinner, somebody knocked the door. a) had b) were having c) have 15) I'm going to meet _______ my friends tomorrow. a) to b) with c) - 16) When ____ you sing karaoke last time? a) did b) have c) was 17) She couldn't sleep, ____ she was very tired. a) although b) but c) so 18) At 8:45 last Saturday I ______ in my office. a) worked b) working c) was working 19) I ____ Anna on Tuesday a) 'm going to see b) 'm seeing c) see 20) She spends a lot of money ____ clothes a) for b) to c) on 21) A: What do you think ____ Paris? B: I really liked it! That's a fantastic place! a) of b) about c) for 22) It ______ when our plane landed. a) was snowing b) snowed c) 's snowing 23) What ______ when his boss arrived a) did he do b) were he doing c) was he doing 24) They _______ postcards, but they ________ any souvenirs. a) buyed; didn't buy b) bought; didn't buy c) bought; wasn't buying 25) He ______ last month in Bangkok. a) spent b) spend c) speeded 26) Our flight is leaving ____ Wednesday ____ 9:30. a) on; at b) at; at c) in; on 27) I hate driving ____ night and getting up early ____ the morning. a) in; in b) in; at c) at; in 28) Jim's really mean, _______ he has a lot of money a) although b) because c) so 29) We need to hurry up or we _______ late a) 're b) 're going to be c) 're being late 30) I want to speak ____ my boss after lunch a) to b) for c) of

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