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1) 1. Listen! I ... (want) to ask you а few questions. a) want b) am wanting 2) 2. ‘Where is Granny?’ ‘She ... (have) а smoke in the garden.’ a) has b) is having 3) 3. How do you make this cake? It ... (taste) wonderful. a) tastes b) is tasting 4) 4. Those jeans ... (look) great on you! a) look b) are looking 5) 5. Jane can’t come to the phone because she ... (wash) her hair. a) washes b) is washing 6) 6. I ... (not/like) football very much. a) don't like b) am not liking 7) 7. We usually ... (go) to the seaside in summer. a) go b) are going 8) 8. I ... (think) of going to university. a) think b) am thinking 9) 9. ... (you/study) for your exams at the moment? a) Do you study b) Are you studying 10) 10. ... (you/see) my problem? a) Do you see b) Are you seeing 11) 11. Can you be quiet, please? I ... (listen) to the radio. a) listen b) am listening 12) 12. He ... (think) that school is boring. a) thinks b) is thinking 13) 13. They ... (meet) for lunch once а month. a) meet b) are meeting 14) 14. Ann paid for the boat so it ... (belong) to her now. a) belongs b) is belonging 15) 15. John! Answer the door, please! I ... (make) dinner. a) make b) am making 16) 16. I ... (not/enjoy) cooking very much. a) don't enjoy b) am not enjoying 17) 17. It ... (rain) а lot in this region in winter. a) rains b) is raining 18) 18. I ... (prefer) volleyball to basketball. a) prefer b) am preferring 19) 19. ... (you/know) what’s happening? a) Do you know b) Are you knowing 20) 20. We ... (have) а house near the beach. a) have b) are having



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