1) You have to use your_____________to ____________puzzles. a) mystery / create b) imagination / solve c) tricks / hide d) magic / imagine 2) Some animals use colour to _______from their enemies. However, it is a bit of a_______________how they decide which colour to change to. a) create / trick b) imagine / secret c) hide / mystery d) solve / puzzle 3) A piece of writing on a particular subject in a newspaper or a magazine or online. a) advert b) interview c) paragraph d) article 4) The title of a newspaper story that is printed in large letters above it. a) title b) headline c) line d) cover 5) The outside page of a magazine or a book. a) front cover b) front section c) title d) headline 6) What's his job? a) a designer b) an author c) a teacher d) a scientist 7) What's his job? a) a coach b) a lawyer c) a vet d) a DJ 8) Choose the correct spelling a) lawer b) layer c) lowyer d) lawyer 9) A group of people who sit and watch a performance at a theatre, cinema etc. a) visitors b) guests c) audience d) watchers 10) A film company or a place where films are made/ A room in which an artist works a) gallery b) studio c) exhibition d) workshop 11) Which suffix can make adjectives from these words: pain, peace, help? a) -al b) -ous c) -ing d) -ful 12) _________your fingers a) cross b) touch c) step d) spill 13) _________coffee a) give b) pull out c) pour d) blow out 14) ___________of flowers a) gap b) bunch c) wood d) step 15) If you want to give someone a website address, you need to_____________________ a) share a link b) look it up c) switch it off d) do a search 16) When you put a program onto a computer or an app on your phone, you_______________it a) delete b) upload c) put in d) install 17) What kind of film is it? a) thriller b) documentary c) soap opera d) action 18) What kind of film is it? a) murder mystery b) love story c) science fiction d) historical drama 19) I am writing just to __________you about tomorrow's test a) realise b) remember c) remind d) advise 20) Extermely tired a) exhausted b) embarrassed c) disappointed d) stressed  21) Unable to think clearly or understand something a) confusing b) annoying c) confused d) annoyed 22) What is it? a) a bee b) a bat c) a mosquito d) a fly 23) To get an illness especially one caused by bacteria or virus a) catch b) have c) go d) become 24) High temperature a) cough b) ache c) sick d) fever 25) The food is_____________ a) delicious b) disgusting c) sour d) raw 26) What's this place? a) a checkout b) reception c) passport control d) customs 27) When you decide to return an item to the shop, you_____________ a) save it up b) get a discount c) take it back d) give it away 28) Choose the correct spelling a) que b) qeueu c) queue d) qiuiu 29) What's this? a) customs b) check-in desk c) departure gate d) baggage hall 30) Can you_______me a favour? a) be b) have c) make d) do 31) What's this? a) a traffic jam b) a traffic light c) pedestrian crossing d) speed limit 32) Which of these CAN'T you do with your hands? a) fight b) shake c) wave d) kick 33) Which word has these two meanings: be the same and competition? a) trainer b) coach c) match d) fit 34) What's this? a) driving permit b) driving licence c) driving ticket d) driving certificate 35) Popular at a particular time (about clothes, music etc) a) fashionable b) smart c) comfortable d) well-dressed 36) What's this? a) sports suit b) sport costume c) tracksuit d) track costume 37) Which is NOT a description of character? a) cheerful b) confident c) bald d) shy

Vocabulary revision quiz (for Teens PET)



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