1) There are only ______ students at school today. a) much b) a little c) a few d) any 2) My cousins are vegetarians. They don’t eat ______ meat. a) - b) the c) a d) an 3) I think chess is ______ game that I know. a) interesting b) as interesting c) more interesting d) the most interesting 4) Are you ______ to run a marathon? a) as fit b) too fit c) enough fir d) fit enough 5) Is there ______ orange juice in the fridge? a) many b) any c) some d) a few 6) We went to Buckingham Palace, but we didn’t see ______ Royal Family. a) - b) a c) the d) any 7) Vinnie is not as ________ Kyle. a) tall as b) taller than c) tall enough d) taller as 8) Wow! That was ______ film I’ve ever seen!  a) gripping b) as gripping c) more gripping d) the most gripping 9) They went to the White House but they didn’t see ________ President Trump. a) - b) a c) the d) any 10) There aren’t ______ students at school today. It’s a public holiday. a) much b) a little c) few d) any 11) I think Ania is ______ as Mark, but she isn’t very confident. a) clever b) as clever c) too clever d) clever enough 12) I’d like to get a puppy, but my sister is afraid ______ dogs. a) of b) at c) with d) about 13) Vinnie is not ________ to be on the school basketball team. a) enough tall b) taller than c) tall enough d) tall 14) Would you like _________ tea? a) a few b) a little c) any d) some

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