1) We .... (feed) the chickens every morning at 6:30. a) feed b) are feeding 2) He .... (think) of changing his job. a) thinks b) is thinking 3) I really have to go now. My plane .... (leave) at 10:30. a) leaves b) is leaving 4) We .... (go) to the cinema tomorrow afternoon. a) go b) are going 5) I .... (study) in my bedroom at the moment, but I can join you in the park later. a) study b) am studying 6) Hurry up! The play .... (start) in ten minutes. a) starts b) is starting 7) He .... (leave) early in the morning every Friday. a) leaves b) is leaving 8) I .... (cook) dinner this evening, so please don’t be late. a) cook b) am cooking 9) She .... (visit) her grandmother every Sunday afternoon. a) visits b) is visiting 10) He .... (write) a book about the high cost of living. a) writes b) is writing 11) ... (he/like) the English countryside? a) Does he like b) Is he liking 12) I'm happy I ... (fly) home tomorrow. a) fly b) am flying 13) - Who wants to go on the roller coaster ride? - I do. That ... (sound) like great fun! a) sounds b) is sounding 14) - Well, I ... (hope) you'll have fun there. a) hope b) am hoping

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