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1) Why _________ a photo of your guitar? a) do you take b) are you take c) are you takeing d) are you taking 2) I _____ to sell it on eBay. a) am wanting b) am want c) want d) wants 3) Why? I _____ understand. a) not understand b) am not understanding c) doesn't understand d) don't understand 4) You ______ your guitar every day! a) play b) are playing c) plays d) are plaing 5) You ____ it! a) loving b) love c) are loving d) loves 6) I _____ my old one because I ____ to buy a new one. - Oh, OK. a) sell, want b) am selling, am wanting c) sell, am wanting d) am selling, want 7) I'm so tired of your music! Why _______you always ________ to these strange songs?! a) do, listen b) are, listen c) are, listening d) is, listening 8) I ________ good rock music to stupid pop songs a) 'm prefer b) prefer c) am preferring d) do prefer 9) I _____________ to go to school to be clever.  a) don't need b) am not needing c) 'm not need 10) He ___________ you now because you lied to him so many times! a) isn't believing b) believe c) doesn't believe d) doesn't believes

Present Simple vs Present Continuous



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