room under the roof of a house, small road goes from the street to the front of your house, a house in the countryside attached to an area for growing crops and breeding animals, they go over the windows of a house, a large impressive house, usually with grounds around it, the old country house with unsual roof , the place under the house, you can move this house to a different place, you build this to make a house bigger, you can have flowers there all the year around , the floor of a building wich is partially or entirely underground, a room below ground level, usually used for storing food or coal, a house that shares walls with neighbours on both sides, a house that shares walls with neighbours on one side, a covered shelter at the front entrance of a building, a boundary formed by closely growing bushes, a barrier, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to control access or escape, a part added to a house, a large building divided into apartments, a one-storeyed building, often near the sea.




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