1) The tourist _________ for the Eiffel Tower.  a) is looking b) looks 2) He has a map, but he _________ it. a) isn't understanding b) doesn't understand 3) A: _________ a car? B: Yes, but I never drive in Paris. a) Are you having b) Do you have 4) When we are in Paris, we always _________ by metro. a) go b) are going 5) This bag _________ to me. a) isn't belonging b) doesn't belong 6) We sometimes _________ the car racing in the holidays. a) watch b) are watching 7) It`s Sunday and I`m bored. It _________ heavily.  a) is raining b) rains 8) This film is great - I _________ it! a) really like b) am really liking

Present Simple vs Present Continuous





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