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appliance - a machine or tool used to do a household job, device - a machine that does a particular job, luddite - a person who is averse to technology or technological progress, digital natives - young people who have grown up using the internet and social networking, computer geek - a person who knows a lot about computers, cutting edge - the newest design or the most advanced way of doing something, blind someone with science - to confuse someone by using difficult or technical words to describe something, it's not rocket science - it's not difficult to understand, well-oiled machine - Something that functions very well., harness technology - make use of technology, mod cons - technology at home that makes jobs easier such as a washing machine, dishwasher etc., workhorse - someone who works very hard, small cog in the machine - one part of a large organisation, brainchild - an idea, plan, or creation of one person, reinvent the wheel - to waste time trying to create something that someone else has already created, come in handy - to be useful, revolutionize - to completely change something so that it is much better,



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