1) I was so ... last night that I fell asleep straight away. a) exhausting b) exhausted c) amazed 2) Our neighbours are so ... . We don't like to talk to them. a) annoying b) annoyed c) exciting 3) Mum was really ... with Peter's maths grades. He failed the exam. a) tiring b) disappointed c) satisfied 4) We are ... to meet you! Come in! a) embarrassing b) pleased c) surprised 5) The excursion was very ... . The students listened to the guide very attentively. a) boring b) relaxing c) interesting 6) I was an hour late for the meeting. It's so ... . a) boring b) embarrassing c) excited 7) Next week we're going on holiday to Greece. We're really ... ! a) exciting b) excited c) relaxed 8) I think physics is such a ... subject. a) satisfied b) boring c) amazed 9) The mountain view there is ... ! a) tired b) exhausting c) amazing 10) Your test results are ... but you could do better, I'm sure. a) satisfying b) bored c) disappointing

Participles -ed/-ing 1F

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