se réveiller - to wake up, se laver - to get washed, se préparer - to get ready, s'amuser - to have fun, s'entendre bien (avec) - to get along well (with), se coiffer - to do your hair, se lever - to get up, se peigner - to comb your hair, se dépêcher - to hurry up, s'ennuyer - to get bored, se coucher - to go to bed, se baigner - to swim/bathe, se maquiller - to put on makeup, se doucher - to shower, se brosser les dents - to brush one's teeth, se brosser les cheveux - to brush one's hair, s'habiller - to get dressed, se disputer - to argue, s'endormir - to fall asleep, se fâcher (contre) - to get angry (with), se promener - to go for a walk, se déshabiller - to get undressed, s'intéresser (à) - to be interested (in), se détendre - to relax, se reposer - to rest, se raser - to shave,

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