What months are in Winter? , Order the words: you \ please \ repeat \ can \ that? , Say the nationality: The USA \ Germany \ Turkey \ Canada, Correct: I is English. \ We are isn't Canadian. Are I Russian?, Correct: Mary and Susan are 14, thier are my friends.  , Say the negative: I'm a teacher. \ My name is Emma. \ They're French. , Tell the time: 15:30 \ 09:10 \ 05:50 \ 13:45, What day is your favorite day of the week? Why?, Choose: The boy's\boys' name is Max., You are your aunt's ... , What is your favorite month? Why?, Spell the words: red \ green \ yellow \ blue, When is your birthday? , Correct: I'm a student, our name is Sam. \ This is my friend, her name is John.  , What date is tomorrow? , Answer the questions: Wha's your name? How do you spell it? How old are you?, How many people have you got in your family? , Have you got any cousins?, Choose: This\These are my parents. , Say the country: British \ French \ Spanish \ Chinese , first, second, .... , fourth, Your aunt's son is your .... , Choose: Jamie is Becky's\Beckys' brother..

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