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1) I hit a speed ____ and damaged my car. a) bump b) hill c) lump 2) They agree to pay the cost of all a) structure b) construction c) repairs 3) Thanks for coming. I really _____ it. a) cost b) worth c) appriciate 4) My wallet was ____ . a) stealed b) stolen c) stole 5) He brightened ___ at their words of encouragement. a) up b) out c) in 6) It's ____ to drive through a red light. a) unlegal b) non-legal c) illegal 7) The police arrived at the crime ____ in a minute. a) place b) scene c) sight 8) They arrested a _____ of pickpockets. a) team b) band c) gang 9) Police have so far failed to ___ the missing woman. a) trace b) hunt c) track 10) The burglar was sentenced ____ four years in prison. a) for b) in c) to

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