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What's your favourite sport?, I'm into music., I like computer games., I'm not interested in athletics., Swimming is easy., It's not a lot of fun., My favourite actor is Brad Pitt., I don't like gymnastics., It's my favourite song., That's not my favourite book., You are right., Her music is awesome., I'm into films and my favourite movie is Star wars., I'm also into football., It's not easy., His books and films are fanstastic., You are not wrong., Science is difficult., I'm not into drama., Art is a lot of fun., Are you in any teams or clubs at school?, What's your name?, How old are you?, Are you into sports?, Yes, I am., No, I'm not. , Yes, it is., No, it isn't., Who's your favourite singer?, Where is your favourite actor from?, Is he into gymnastics?, Are clubs fun?, Is she interested in basketball?, Are your friends in the science club?, Is Lady Gaga an American actor?, Is athletics an intersting sport?, I'm in the music club., Is chess boring?, When is your birthday?, What is your favourite food?, Can you spell that, please?, What's your address?, What's your phone number?, What's her email address?, That's great, thanks!, What about you?, Who are your favourite singers or bands?, What sports are you into?, Please write soon!, Bye for now!.



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