1) I live far ___ school, so it takes nearly 40 minutes to get there __ bus.  a) to / by b) from / by 2) My school isn't ___ from my house. It takes me only 10 minutes to get there __ foot. a) far / on b) close / by 3) I live close ___ school, so it takes only 5 minutes __ get there a) from / to b) to / to 4) My school is far ___ my house, so I always get there ___. a) from / by bus b) from / on foot c) to / by car 5) My school is quite close __ my house and I usually ___ .  a) from / walk b) to / walk c) to / go by electric train 6) But sometimes I ___ to get to school. It's eco-friendly and much faster than walking.  a) go by bus b) go by car c) ride a scooter

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