An architect is someone - designs buildings, A burglar is someone - breaks into a house to steal things, A customer is someone - buys something from a shop, A shoplifter is someone - steals from a shop, A coward is someone - is not brave, An atheist is someone - doesn't believe in God, A pessimist is someone - expects the worst to happen, A tenant is someone - pays rent to live in a house or apartment, Helen works for a company - makes furniture, The book is about a girl - runs away from home, What happened to the pictures - were hanging on the walls, A mystery is something - cannot be explained, The police have arrested the man - stole my wallet, A dictionary is a book - gives you the meaning of words, Alexander Bell was the man - invented the telephone, It seems that Earth is the only planet - can support life,

Make sentences with Relative Clauses Intermediate

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