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1) 1. A: I ... the dentist this afternoon. a) am seeing b) see 2) B: I ... . We can meet tomorrow then. a) am seeing b) see 3) 2. A: Pete ... paragliding. a) enjoys b) is enjoying 4) B: And ... his paragliding holiday in Scotland? a) is he enjoying b) does he enjoy 5) 3. A: They ... of moving house. a) think b) are thinking 6) B: I ... it's a good idea. a) don't think b) am not thinking 7) 4. A: He ... a new computer game. a) is having b) has 8) B: That's why he ... problems doing his homework. a) has b) is having 9) 5. A: Who's the girl over there who ... at the painting? a) looks b) is looking 10) B: I'm not sure but she ... very friendly. a) looks b) looking 11) 6. A: The band ... on stage next week. a) appears b) is appearing 12) B: Indeed. It ... that lots of people will attend the concert. a) appears b) is appearing 13) 7. A: What .... ? a) are you smelling b) do you smell 14) B: These flowers. They just ... beautiful! a) are smelling b) smell 15) 8. A: ... this bag of sugar ... more than that one? a) Does ... weigh b) Is ... weighing 16) B: Hold on, Mum ... them now. a) weighs b) is weighing 17) 9. A: Why ... (he/be) so difficult? a) is he being b) is 18) B: Oh, some people ... (be) just difficult to get on with. a) are b) are being 19) 10. A: Why ... the soup? It's not ready. a) are you tasting b) do you taste 20) B: It (taste) too salty. Add some water! a) tastes b) is tasting

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