1) The Smith family usually pays about five thousand dollars a month for their children to go to a good ... school. a) public b) state c) boarding d) private e) specialist f) single-sex 2) Mrs Ackerman's eldest son usually goes away to ... school and lives there for the whole school term. a) boarding b) co-educational c) state d) private e) public f) specialist 3) We have been thinking for a long time about which school to send our child to, and finally decided that he would go to a ... school because he wants to be an actor. a) state b) specialist c) public d) single-sex e) co-educational f) private 4) There is nothing wrong with ... schools - they are sponsored and fully supported by the governmeb=nt. a) public b) co-educational c) specialist d) single-sex e) private  f) state 5) My daughter goes to a ... school and only girls study there. a) single-sex b) co-educational c) public d) private e) state f) boarding 6) Both boys and girls are free to attend ... schools, which is why the Johnsons put their children there. a) public b) co-educational c) state d) boarding e) private f) specialist

Exercise 1. (Types of British schools) Fill in the gaps with the most appropriate word.

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