1) Hello! How are you? a) I'm five. b) I'm fine. c) I'm twelve. 2) How old ___ she? a) is b) am c) are 3) Kevin __________ 2 cats. a) is b) am c) are d) has got e) have got 4) ________ you at school yesterday? a) were b) was c) did d) do e) are 5) What ____ he want? a) does b) do c) is d) has e) are f) have 6) There isn't ____ milk for my breakfast. a) any b) some c) a d) an 7) He _____________ a bike now. a) riding b) are riding c) is riding d) ride e) rides 8) There are bananas and _________ on the plate. a) cherry b) cherrys c) cherries 9) My sister's son is my _____ a) nephew b) niece c) grandson d) son-in-law 10) My birthday is ____ September. a) in b) at c) on 11) I play tennis _____ Mondays. a) at b) on c) in 12) She _______ English every day. a) study b) studies c) studys 13) I am _________ with my friends. a) swiming b) swim c) swimming 14) My dad _______ his car on Fridays. a) washes b) wash c) washs d) washing 15) My sister __________ spiders. a) don't like b) don't likes c) doesn't like d) isn't like



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