1) She is my friend and _______ name is Susana. a) her b) his c) your d) its e) our f) their 2) What's _______ favorite color? (THEY) a) My favorite color is blue. b) Her favorite color is pink. c) His favorite color is yellow. d) Our favorite color is black. e) Their favorite color is red. f) Its favorite color is white. 3) She is happy because ______ birthday is tomorrow. a) their b) our c) your d) my e) its f) her 4) ______ laptop is very big. (HE) a) Your b) Its c) His d) My e) Their f) Our 5) ______ books are $12,96. (I) a) Her b) This c) His d) That e) My f) Your 6) This is Daniel and ________ mother. ________ name is Vivian.  a) My - Your b) Your - Our c) Her - His d) His - Her e) Its - Your f) Our _ my 7) This is ________ book. a) Peter's b) Peter c) Pete'rs  8) ________ sister is 12 years old.  a) Joh'ns b) Johns' c) John's 9) _________ I- phone is new. a) Dori's b) Dori'ss c) Doris's 10) This is our school. ________ is big. a) It b) She c) He 11) We are happy to live in a house. _______ house is big. a) Their b) Our c) His

Possessive Adjectives & Personal Pronouns



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