1) Those were days when teachers were ... and discipline was strict. a) went back on b) looked up to c) lived up to d) made up for 2) Watch Frank – he’ll cheat if he thinks he can ... it. a) live up to b) walk out on c) run out of d) get away with 3) The good days more than ... the bad ones. a) make up for b) go back on c) walk out on d) sign up for 4) What have you been ... since I last saw you? a) getting up to b) living up to c) walking out on d) running out of 5) Every time they've made a promise, they have ... their word. a) walked out on b) got away with c) gone back on d) got up to 6) When you’re the boss you can ... your own rules. a) get up to b) make up c) run out of d) catch up with 7) The skies darkened, the sun ... , and a sudden rain started. a) went in for b) went back on c) got up d) went in 8) I stopped and waited for her to ... . a) look up b) make up c) catch up d) live up 9) Hurry up, we're ... time a) running out of b) walking out on c) fitting in with d) getting away with 10) She ... her fiancé and went to live in Bath with her granny. a) went back on b) went in for c) walked out on d) got up to 11) He's so moody - I don't know why she ... him. a) fits in with b) signs up for c) lives up to d) puts up with 12) Be kind to him, he's ... a very difficult time. a) going back on b) going through c) going in for d) walking out on

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