1) There are _______ oranges in my paper bag. a) a b) any c) some 2) There aren't _______ cucumbers in the salad. a) an b) any c) some 3) There is ______ tomato in the box. a) a b) any c) some 4) There is _______ butter in the fridge. a) any b) some c) a 5) Are there _______ doughnuts in your lunch box? a) an b) some c) any 6) There is _____ sausage in the fridge. a) a b) an c) any 7) There's ______coffee in my cup. a) some b) a c) any 8) Are there _______pears in the box? a) any b) some c) a 9) Is there ______ sugar in your tea? a) some b) any c) a 10) We need to buy ______flour. a) a b) any c) some

AS3 U4 Some/any - Halloween version



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