BILL: Hello! It’s Jilly, isn’t it? JILLY: Bill! I haven’t seen you since university! How are you? BILL: I’m well. And you? ____ in touch with people from university? JILLY: Not really. I’ve ____ touch with almost everybody. And you? BILL: Last year I ____ touch with someone who was on my course - I found her email address and mobile number online. I even ____ her a call and ____ her a message. JILLY: A girlfriend from the past? BILL: You guessed it. She never ____ back. JILLY: Oh, well. And your brother? You’ve ____ touch with him, I hope! BILL: Matt? He’s here in London. You two went out once, didn’t you? JILLY: A long time ago… when I used to hang about with that girl Susie. BILL: Susie? Susie James? JILLY: Yes, I’d love to ____ hold of her. But I haven’t a clue where she is now. I haven’t heard ____ her since she went to work in Spain. BILL: Well, I____ in touch with her - she’s my sister-in-law! JILLY: What? BILL: Yes, in fact it’s Matt and Susie’s tenth wedding anniversary tomorrow. JILLY: You’re joking! Well, let them ____ I’m living in London now. Here’s my card. BILL: You’re a divorce lawyer! Sounds fun!



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