How often do you use your smartphone in a day?, Do you feel addicted to your mobile phone? Why or why not?, Have you ever experienced FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? How does it affect your smartphone usage?, What are some negative effects of excessive smartphone use on mental health?, Do you think timers on apps would be helpful in reducing smartphone usage? Why or why not?, What do you think about the idea of using timers on apps to limit phone usage?, How do you feel when you spend too much time on your phone and realize that time has passed?, Do you think smartphones have had a negative impact on mental health? Why or why not?, How does Catherine define FOMO?, According to the survey mentioned, what percentage of teenagers in the USA feel addicted to their mobile phones?, Can you be addicted to things other than drugs or alcohol?, How does Catherine feel when she goes without her phone for more than a minute?, What year did the term 'smartphone' first appear in print?, What does Jean Twenge believe smartphones have led to?, What danger does Jean Twenge mention about using our phones?, Why does Catherine find herself getting lost in videos online?, What are some tech companies considering adding to apps to help users manage their time on them?, According to Jean Twenge, what would be a good outcome of implementing timers on social media apps?.

Smartphone Addiction


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