Days after the US election, the final result still ____. While some networks have ____ for Biden, the process is ____. So why don’t we have ____ on election night? As the Independent points out: An unprecedented number of Americans - 97 million by Monday, well over twice the number from 2016 - have voted by mail. And some states will count ballots that are delivered after the election if they are ____ by a deadline. In Washington state, for example, ____ can still be counted on November 23. In Alaska state officials don’t even begin counting mail-in ballots until around November 10. The difference between states is important here, not just in how they ____the election. The results of each state are what ____ the winner regardless of the popular vote. Indeed, Hilary Clinton received three million more votes than Trump in 2016. But it’s the ____ votes – and that ____ ____ 270 - that determine the outcome. The electoral college is organized by state, as the BBC notes: The number of electors from each state is roughly ____ the size of its population. California has the most electors - 55 - while a ____ of sparsely populated states like Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota have a minimum of three. There are 538 electors in total and a candidate needs to gain a ____ of the votes - 270 or more - to win the presidency. Due to the ____ of this system, campaigns have evolved to ____ on just a handful of states. You might have heard that Joe Biden was in Michigan delivering his ____, or that Trump was in Pennsylvania for yet another ____. That’s because in the electoral system certain states end up having greater ____ than others. We call these states ____, as Global News explains: Swing states are key ____ states where it is not immediately clear who the winner will be. These states are considered to be “competitive,” meaning that over the last several ____, the electorate has switched between supporting Republicans and Democrats. In swing states, neither party’s candidate has a clear lead, meaning both parties see them as an opportunity to ____ electoral votes.



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