The boy _______________________ (sit) on a bench in the park ______________________ (read) a book., The man _______________________ (take) my handbag while I _______________________ (sit) in the restaurant., The policeman _______________________ (notice) the blood on the floor when he first _______________________ (enter) the room., I _______________________ (try) to sleep when the doorbell _______________________ (ring)., The accident happened because the man _______________________ (drive) and _______________________ (talk) on his mobile phone at the same time., When I _______________________ (reach) the other side of the lake, I _______________________ (feel) safe., While I _______________________ (do) my English exam, I _______________________ (decide) to ask for a drink., I _______________________ (see) the money on the ground as I _______________________ (walk) to school., They _______________________ (start) climbing very early in the morning because they _______________________ (want) to reach the top by midday., I _______________________ (sprain) my ankle while I _______________________ (play) basketball., When it _______________________ (stop) raining, we _______________________ (go out) and _______________________ (put) the kayak in the water., While I _______________________ (wait) at the bus stop, I _______________________ (see) an accident., Suddenly, the man _______________________ (take) the purse from the woman’s handbag and _______________________ (run off)., At 5 p.m. yesterday, I _______________________ (read) a book about Captain Cook and my sister _______________________ (watch) a film about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott., I _______________________ (relax) in the sun when a cloud _______________________ (appear) in the sky., When the sailor _______________________ (open) the box, he _______________________ (find) an old map inside., While everyone _______________________ (argue), I _______________________ (realise) it was a good time to go., As I _______________________ (leave) the party, I finally _______________________ (remember) the man’s name., The man _______________________ (wear) a raincoat and _______________________ (carry) a big suitcase., The girl _______________________ (run) through the forest when she _______________________ (slip) over., It was a great ________________ to beat the other runners in that race., I'm reading an interesting book about the history of Antarctic ________________ ., Most people watch TV for ________________ , and not to learn anything., You need a lot of ________________ if you want to be good at a sport., It was difficult to ________________ the walkers from the middle of the desert., You need to use your ________________ to write a good story., It takes a lot of ________________ and planning to climb a big mountain., I work very hard all week, so I need to ________________ and get some rest at the weekend., The new company is going to bring a lot of ________________ to our town., Walking fifty kilometres across the desert is a real ________________., Magellan was the first person who _________________ the world, You can’t jump 3 metres on your first _________________. You have to practice!, _________________ is an important part of any journey: you have to buy tickets, book hotels and pack your bags!, You can’t only think about what you want! Other people have __________ too..




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