1) James is happy because he ... his homework and can go to the cinema with his friends.  a) has done b) did c) had done 2) Peter's parents said that he ... 100 metres in two minutes.  a) has swum b) swam c) had swum 3) Samantha and Jenny are happy because the bell ... and they can go home. a) has rung b) rang c) had rung 4) They say that they ... a film with Johnny Depp yesterday. a) have seen b) saw c) had seen 5) Pauline was happy because her mum ... a little puppy home.  a) has brought b) brought c) had brought 6) He knew he ... a silly mistake. a) has made b) made c) had made 7) I was sure they ... the man. a) has recognized b) recognized c) had recognized 8) She ... all the presents before children came home. a) has wrapped b) wrapped c) had wrapped 9) Anna is happy because she ... learning French. a) has begun b) began c) had begun 10) Jack ... captain of his football team. a) has become b) became c) had become 11) He ... into the classroom before the bell and then walked toward his desk.  a) has run b) ran c) had run 12) Julia is happy because she .. her favourite sonata on the piano very well. a) has played b) played c) had played 13) Mary and Kate were happy because they ... to New York last year. a) have been b) were c) had been

Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Perfect

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