1) I don’t mind getting ______ early if there is a good reason to. a) on b) off c) up d) down 2) Can we get _______ for lunch on the weekend? a) over b) together c) away d) along 3) He got _______ his bike and rode down the road. a) on b) off c) up d) over 4) We are getting _____ at the next station. a) down b) away c) along d) off 5) It took me a long time to get ________ the surgery. a) away b) on c) over d) off 6) The robbers got _______ with diamonds worth millions of dollars. a) through b) along c) away d) off 7) I can't stand her anymore! I really need to get ______ from my mother-in-law for some time. a) on b) off of c) away d) away down 8) He and his neighbors get _______ well. a) on b) by c) on by d) by on 9) I don't really get ________ with my sister's husband. a) by b) together c) apart d) along 10) We don’t earn much money but we can get ________. a) together b) along c) by d) on




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