1) What's your name and your surname? 2) How old are you? 3) Where do you live? 4) What's your favourite subject?  5) Who's your favourite teacher?  6) What have you got in your school bag today? 7) Have you got a collection? What is it? 8) Is your family big? How many members has your family got? 9) How many lessons have you got today? 10) What's your favourite color? 11) What's your favourite food? 12) What do you like to do after school? 13) Who's your best friend? What's his/her name? 14) What is your nationality? 15) When is your birthday? 16) What's the weather like today? 17) What year are you in at school? 18) What do you like more: reading books, watching films or go to the park?

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