1) I ___ in my bed and ___ TV when I ___ a strange noise. a) was lying, was watching, was hearing b) was lying, was watching, heard c) laid, watched, heard 2) I _____ home, _____ my hands and _____ working. a) had returned, washed, started b) was returning, washed, started c) returned, washed, started 3) After I ___ my work the garden, I ____ to go for a walk. a) had finished, decided b) finished, had decided c) finished, decided 4) He couldn't find his wallet. He realised that he ____ it. a) lost b) was losing c) had lost 5) Michael Jackson _____ a lot of records. a) made b) had made c) was making 6) John _____ dinner when Ann ____. a) cooked, had come b) cooked, came c) was cooking, came 7) She ____ a letter while she ____ on the phone. a) was typing, was talking b) typed, talked c) had typed, talked 8) Alexander Fleming _____ penicillin in 1928. a) had discovered b) was discovering c) discovered 9) When I _____ the clean floor I understood that she _________ . a) had seen, washed b) saw, washed c) saw, had washed 10) He was angry because he _____ with his daughter. a) had argued b) argued c) was arguing 11) I _______ my breakfast when I ______ the news that Elvis Preasley _______. a) ate, heard, died b) was eating, heard, had died c) was eating, had heard, died 12) He ______ me that he ________ the answer. a) told, found b) had told, found c) told, had found 13) And I _______ I _______ my keys at work. a) remembered, left b) remembered, had left c) had remembered, left

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