1) _____ your postman come at seven? a) Do b) Does c) Doesn't d) Don't 2) No, I ______ have a sister. a) Doesn't b) do c) don't d) does 3) I ____ to school every morning. a) goes b) go c) going 4) Emily _____ her homework every evening. a) does b) do c) did 5) He _____ with friends on Sundays. a) walk b) walking c) walks 6) No, it ______ work. a) do b) don't c) did d) doesn't 7) Do you like computer games? a) Yes, I does. b) No, she doesn't. c) Yes, I do. 8) Do animals eat meat? a) Yes, they do. b) Yes, they does. 9) Do mum and dad swim in the pool? a) Yes, they do. b) Yes, they does. 10) Does Kim go to school at night?  a) No, he don't. b) No, he doesn't. 11) We ____ basketball every day. a) playing b) plays c) play 12) I _____ eat meat in the morning.  a) doesn't b) don't 13) My dad ____ in the park every Saturday. a) walk b) walks c) walking 14) No, he _____ brush his teeth every morning. a) doesn't b) don't c) do 15) Panda _____ from Africa. a) come b) comes c) coming 16) _____ she come from England? a) Do b) Does c) Did d) Doesn't 17) _____ you play the guitar? a) does b) do c) done 18) _____ we eat broccoli? a) Do b) Does c) Done 19) Does Ann _____ the piano? a) plays b) play c) playing 20) Does Frank _____ tea? a) drink b) drinks 21) Does the robot _____ at night? a) works b) work 22) Do Anna and Tony _____ a big family? a) have b) has 23) Does Tanya ______ a pet? a) have b) has 24) Ivan _____ two brothers. a) have b) has c) having

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