1) I ___________________ a book tomorrow at 7 p.m. a) will read b) am going to read c) will be reading 2) He _______________ fall. Look! a) will b) is going to fall c) will be falling 3) I _____________ you with your homework. Don't worry! a) am helping b) will help c) am going to help 4) It ______________________ .The sky is grey. a) is snowing b) is going to snow c) will snow 5) Are you going to the club today? - I think, I ____________ go there as I have a headache. a) won't b) am not c) will 6) I need your help, please. - Of course, I __________you. a) am helping b) will help c) won't be helping 7) We ________________ computer games. a) will be playing b) are going to play c) won't be play 8) My friend and I __________________ dinner tomorrow. a) will have b) are having c) will be have 9) Let's go shopping. - I can't , I ________________ my first job interview. a) will go to b) am going to c) will be going to 10) This time next year Pam _____________________ in Paris. a) will work b) will be working c) will have been working 11) By the end of the year Steve ____________________ in Italy for 5 years. a) will have been working b) will work c) will be working 12) The children _______________________ their homework by 7 o’clock. a) will do b) will have done c) will be doing 13) I’m hungry. I __________________ a sandwich. a) will make b) am going to make c) am making 14) I don’t think Jane _____________________pass her French exam. a) will pass b) is going to pass c) will have passed 15) When ____________________________ back?- Tomorrow morning. a) will you come b) are you coming c) you are coming

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