1. There was so much information at the workshop it was difficult to ____ everything. 2. Today's student are lucky they can ____ anything they don't know online. 3. Our Social Studies teacher insists that we ____ our homework precisely on due date, not a day later. 4. This school has very strict rules when it comes to academic performance. They ____ any underachiever. 5. I've got a test tomorrow. I know I should ____ my notes, but instead I'm browsing through my Instagram feed. 6. She's been ill and skipped a week of school. If this goes on, she may ____. 7. Teachers tell their students not to ____ doing assignments until the last moment, but often do the same thing themselves! 8. The extracurricular programming club sounds so interesting I think I should ____. 9. He's really good at maths. I'm sure he'll ____ the term test. 10. My new school's got the kind of curriculum I'm finding it hard to ____ with.



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