to reach - to get to a place, to arrive - to reach a place, especially at the end of a journey, to get - to arrive somewhere, to deliver - to take things such as letters, parcels, or goods to a person or place, to bring - to take someone or something with you when you go somewhere, to fetch - to go to a place to get something or someone and bring them back, a voyage - a long journey, especially by ship, or in space, a journey - if you go on a journey, you travel from one place to another., a trip - a journey in which you visit a place for a short time and come back again, an excursion - a short journey made by a group of people for pleasure, an expedition - an organized journey, especially a long one for a particular purpose, a tour - a visit to and around a place, area, or country, a room - space for things to fit into; a part of the inside of a building, which is separated from other parts by walls, floors, and ceilings, a gap - an empty space or hole in the middle of something, or between two things, a place - a position, building, town, area, etc,

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