1) I am very busy. Please, don't disturb ... ! a) you b) me c) them d) I e) he 2) Peter is ill today. So we won't see ... . a) him b) her c) us d) me e) you 3) Where is Kate? I can't see ... . a) her b) me c) she d) you e) I 4) Here is your milk. Drink ... . a) they b) you c) it d) him e) he 5) We are going shopping. Let's go with ... ! a) we b) you c) them d) us e) me 6) Bob and Ann need your help? Can you help ... ? a) you b) them c) him d) they e) her 7) Those are my nuts. Don't eat ... ! a) they b) me c) you d) it e) them 8) A cat has got a tail. This is ... . a) a cats' tail b) a cat's a tail c) a cat's tail d) a cats's tail 9) Kate has got a flower. This is ... . a) Kate's a flower b) Kates' flower c) Kate's flower d) Kate' flower 10) Horses have got legs. These are ... . a) horses' legs b) horse's legs c) horse' legs d) horses's legs 11) Children have got bikes. These are ... . a) childrens's bikes b) children' bikes c) childrens' bikes d) children's bikes 12) Mum and Dad have got a bedroom. This is ... . a) Mum and Dad' bedroom b) Mum and Dad's bedroom c) Mum's and Dad's bedroom d) Mums and Dads' bedroom 13) A brother and a sister have got toys. These are ... . a) A brother and a sister's toys b) A brother's and a sister's toys c) A brother' and a sister' toys d) A brothers' and a sisters' toys 14) I have got ... own car. a) my b) mine c) its d) our 15) The bike belongs to Jack. It's ... bike. a) her b) his c) its d) their 16) I have got a cat. .... name is Browny. a) their b) his c) its d) my 17) My sister is at this school. ... birthday is tomorrow a) its b) his c) my d) her 18) I love my children. ... names are Will and Mary. a) their b) my c) our d) its 19) We have got two children. ... children are twins. a) their b) our c) his d) its 20) How is your granny? - Thanks. ... granny is OK! a) your b) her c) my d) their 21) My favorite subject is History. … is very exciting. a) it b) he c) I d) they 22) Look at her. … is so beautiful! a) it b) she c) you d) I 23) My brother works at the hospital. … is a doctor. a) it b) I c) he d) we 24) We like horses. ... are very beautiful. a) she b) he c) it d) they 25) Kate and I are classmates. ... made friends many years ago. a) we b) they c) he d) I 26) How are you? - ... am fine, thanks! a) you b) I c) it d) they 27) My parents live in Moscow, and ... ? a) your b) yours c) mine d) them 28) This is Mike. The car near the house is ... . a) hers b) its c) his d) he 29) My parents and I moved in a new house. That one with red roof is ... . a) mine b) us c) its d) ours 30) These toys are Kate's and Tom's. ... are dolls. ... are soldiers.  a) ours b) hers c) theirs d) his 31) My little son hurt ... while he was playing with friends. a) himself b) myself c) him d) me 32) Kate is only a beginner, but she has prepared this salad ... . a) itself b) it c) herself d) her 33) My brother and I like playing hide and seek. His lovely place is under the bed and ... is behind the sofa. a) my b) him c) mine d) his 34) I parked my car right outside. Where did you park ... ? a) its b) mine c) yours d) ours 35) I can’t find Sam and Paula’s house. Which one is ... ? a) hers b) his c) theirs d) its 36) I did the homework by ... a) itself b) myself c) himself d) mine 37) Goodbye! Be careful! Don’t hurt ... a) yourselves b) myselves c) yours d) mines 38) Many people enjoy ... playing video games. a) them b) themselves c) themselfs d) their 39) We looked at ... in the mirror. a) us b) ourselfs c) ours d) ourselves

Personal pronouns; Objective pronouns/case; Possesifs adjectifs/pronouns

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