borrow - Small companies often try to get bank loans when they need to, funds - We don't have sufficient........ to build a completely new factory., balance sheet - Details of a company's liabilities are shown on the......., shareholders - We're going to raise more money by selling new shares to our existing....., capital - We had to raise 50,000 Euro order to start the business., debt - We're going to pay back some of the people who lent us money, and reduce our...., bond - I decided to buy a $10,000 ..... instead of shares, as it's probably safer. , income - Another term for profit is net...., interest - I think this is a good investment: it pays 8% ...., lend - When they saw our financial statement, the bank refuse to any more money., expenses - Profit is the difference between revenue and , loss - The profit and ......account shows if a company is receiving more money than it's spending , invest - If you don't like taking risks, you should only ...... in very successful companies., owners - A company's retained earnings belong to its , asset - Anything a company uses to produce goods or services is an......, dividend - The company made such a big profit, I expected a higher ......, revenue - We sold a lot more last year, so our ....... went up., owe - We ...... our suppliers $100,000 for goods bought on credit., owns - Everyone who buys a share .......... part of the company., tax - Thirty per cent of our profits goes straight to the government in.......,

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