1) My sister is ______ than me. a) taller b) more tall c) more taller 2) I think Maths is ______ than PE. a) more easy b) easyer c) easier 3) The blue car is ______ than the red car. a) more fast b) faster c) more faster 4) This is the ______ shirt in the store. a) expensivest b) most expensive c) more expensiver 5) The Mona Lisa is one of the ______ paintings in this museum. a) more beautifuler b) beautifuler c) most beautiful 6) This soup is _______ than that soup. a) most delicious b) deliciouser c) more delicious 7) This is the ______ movie I've ever seen. a) most boring b) more boring c) boringest 8) A blue whale is the ________ animal in the world. a) heaviest b) most heavy c) most heaviest 9) Oxygen is the __________ natural resource. a) cheapest b) more cheapest c) more cheaper 10) A tiger is _________ than a cat. a) more strong b) stronger c) more stronger



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