1) Eve came ______ with a great idea for a story. a) up b) across c) down 2) In the past, David ___________like jazz music, but now he prefers opera. a) would b) used to c) did 3) Susan __________ be at the photographic exhibition, but I’m not sure. a) may b) must 4) You __________ have seen a ghost. They’re not real! a) may not b) can’t 5) A: I woke up at 2:00 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. a) B: That’s a relief! b) B: Poor you! 6) Sandra (learn) French for three years before she (start) to understand fast speech. a) was learning, started b) learnt, had started c) had been learning, started 7) It (be) the first time that Mike (ever/ meet) a famous singer. a) had been, met b) was, had ever met c) was, has met 8) While I (wait) for the train, I (spot) an old friend of mine in the crowd. a) was waiting, spotted b) waited, spotted c) was waiting, spoted 9) You don't have to use your ____________when you're watching television. a) illusion b) imagination c) reflection 10) Rosie couldn’t stop ___________at the beautiful rainbow, as it was the first time she had ever seen one. a) glaring b) staring c) glanced

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