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1) state school a) a school owned by the government b) a school for boys and girls c) a school you usually have to pay to go to 2) Which is ________: the United States or Canada? a) larger b) the largest c) more large 3) This time next week I _______ my exams. a) will take b) will be taking c) will have took 4) St. Petersburg is one of the _________ cities in the world. a) beautifulest b) more beautiful c) most beautiful 5) The island of Great Britain is _______ than Greenland. a) smaller b) more smaller c) smallest 6) I’ll pick you … from the station. a) on b) up c) out 7) I can't deal _______ your problems. a) from b) for c) with 8) James _________ his studies by the end of the year. a) will have completed b) will complete c) will has completed 9) -I ’m really hungry! - Don’t worry.I ______ something. a) will cook b) am going to cook c) am cooking 10)  -What are your plans for the weekend? - I _______some time with my friends. a) am spending b) will have spent c) will spend



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